New Panini Menu Effective Monday January 9

Panini_menu_revised_1606We're making a few changes to the panini menu for the new year, which will go into effect on Monday, January 9.  (To download, click the link above, then enlarge for printing).

We've added a second day for the Prosciutto & Mozz (Mon/Wed), the Arrabiata (Tues/Thurs) and the Eggplant & Prosciutto (Fri/Sat), since all three have proved pretty popular.

We did kill off the Eggplant and Pepper special - everyone says we need vegan, but nobody ever buys vegan.  Go figure.  And we're not a tofu or sprout kind of place.  We also took the Turkey & Artichoke off the daily menu and moved it to a Monday/Wednesday special.  But turkey fans will also note we've added a second turkey special, this one with roasted red pepper, provolone, Roma tomato and basil pesto aioli on a Paesano roll.

We've also changed some of the breads.  The chicken salad will now be on whole wheat, the newly-christened "Thanksgiving Turkey" will be on rosemary foccacia and the tuna & artichoke will now be served on Paesano rolls.  We've also changed from straight arugula to a field greens mix.  The only arugula we've been able to get since Thanksgiving has been turning too quickly and we're not happy with the leaf size or texture, so we think this will be a positive change.   

Hope you enjoy.  Send any suggestions or comments to us here.

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New Menu Starts Today, Including Italian Soups

Our new fall/winter menu is now in effect.  With summer over, we've removed some of the emphasis from fresh local tomatoes and greens and will be utilizing more marinated and roasted vegetables on our panini and salads. 

We still don't have all the soups yet, but we expect to have all next week.  For now we'll be serving Mediterreanean Vegetable and Ravioli Tomato Parmesan on alternate days.

In addition to the soups, other major changes are:
- The chef, antipasto and chicken salads are out.  They will be replaced by a pasta salad and a smaller green house side salad.  If you'd like to add a scoop of chicken to a side salad, just ask and your server will put one on for an additional $1.00
- Both the Bloomfield Chicken Salad and Hanover panini will now be served on Rosemary Foccacia
- We've added prosciutto to the Mulberry St. eggplant & mozz.
- The Turkey Club is out, replaced by the Genoa Arriabiata, a spicy Italian combo with hot cappy, salami, mortadella, gorgonzola and peppers.
- The Wooster St. Tuna will be replaced by a new tuna & artichoke panini.

We also have soup/panini and soup/salad combos that will save you a few quarters. 

We also upped our daily order of Mediterra Bakehouse NY Water Bagels since we've been running out lately.

We hope you enjoy our new menu.

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Aldo's Panini Menu

We've replaced the old menu with this one.  Open it and download away.

Note:  On Windows, you may need to wait a couple of seconds for a little icon to show up in the bottom right.  Once you see it, click on it and it'll enlarge the graphic to letter size so you can print.

Notes from the Panini Guy:

- enjoy a Pellegrino Aranciata, Limonata or sparkling water for a true Italian-style lunch. And don't forget the cannoli...
- ask for your panino "hot to go" and we'll wrap it in foil after heating it on our panini grill
- all panini are designed to be grilled, however, the chicken and tuna salads may get very hot, so please be careful
- our breads use wheat flour.  If you are allergic, may we suggest a salad instead?
- nuts and/or traces of nuts may be present in all foods served at Aldo Coffee Co.

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